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The Attunement

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Excerpt from The Attunement

The following is an excerpt from The Attunement and is fairly representative of the rest of the novel. Enjoy!
- Gary

My thoughts were interrupted by a sharp clanging noise that came from behind my car, and possibly from within the building to my left. I snapped my head around but could not see anyone or anything. Continuing to scan the building and area to my left, I fumbled for the radio and turned down a Chuck Loeb guitar classic. The restored silence revealed a shuffling sound behind me that stopped a moment after the music went silent. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I got goose bumps all over and I reached for the ignition, ready to start the engine and get the hell out of there, but caught a glimpse of movement behind the car in my peripheral vision. I jerked around and looked through the rear windshield but saw nothing. The side view mirrors revealed deserted streets and closed loading-dock bay doors.

Just as I began to give the keys a twist, I saw headlights from an approaching car. I waited. The old clunker had returned. I looked around my immediate vicinity again but saw no one, so I waited a bit more. The old car pulled up to the abandoned depot this time, with its headlights shining into what remained of the rickety building. The high beams came on, illuminating the inside of the shack. Should I go or stay? I did not dare risk turning on the headlights or allowing the brake lights to come on. Driving away with no headlights would likely have just the opposite intended affect and draw their attention as well.

Another movement behind me! My heart pounded as my mind and reactions went on high alert. Of course, at that precise moment, the noise from a low-flying jet began its approach. My eyes darted about while I tried to watch the old car and identify the movements around me while the glass-rattling roar passed overhead, drowning out all other sounds. Finally, the plane was far enough away to hear noises around me. Clang! I jumped so hard I don't know what kept me from severing a nerve in my spinal cord. The noises were coming from the warehouse to my left.

Someone stepped out of the passenger side of the old car at the depot and went into the building. I heard another distinct shuffling behind me and jerked my head back again, quite sure I would see someone approaching...

The Attunement ...a novel by Gary B. Haley. 2013, all rights reserved.